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DreamMaker Video creates high quality, artistic, kickass video. Located in Austin, TX, we have experience working around the world. We work fast and with few personnel. We will work on any size project – small or large. We pride ourselves on being fast, efficient and cool.

Beautiful Video, Done Quickly

We produce video for people and companies with real timelines without compromising the end product. Project size and budget are not important, but we will never produce work that is below our standards. A great video should be like eating a perfect meal or riding the most excellent wave.

The Hero And The Child

We all have a hero and a child within us – the hero has grand visions and courage, and the child lives in a land filled with imagination and curiosity. We free the hero and child to create work that is transformative, imaginative and visionary. We forge reality from your dreams.

We Work Anywhere

We are based in Austin, TX, but we will shoot and produce video anywhere. We have experience working in environments ranging from US cities to third world slums; from high in the Himalayas, to Central African jungle and the new world rainforest. We have worked in kayaks; moving vehicles; on technical rock climbs; and climbing into rainforest canopies. No challenge is too much.

Questions about an idea you have?

Full-contact humanity. Unbridled compassion. Rarely paralleled.

Collaborating with Creators


  • Music Videos – Edgy indie to elegant classical or jazz.
  • Building Projections – Large-scale, exterior building projections for events or creative installations.
  • Background Projections for Stage Shows – We work closely with choreographers, conductors, producers, musicians to create compelling backgrounds for any type of performance.

A visionary! Sees potential and possibilities and then works hard to bring them to reality.

Creating Vision for You


  • Kickstarter Videos – A successful Kickstarter campaign requires a compelling video.
  • Documentary – Beautifully filmed short documentaries can help your organization find new donors or convince new clients to invest in your business.
  • Commercial – YouTube videos, Blog videos, web promos,
  • Personal – Weddings and other important events.

Uniquely able to engage a wide audience on critical issues, from environmental sustainability to ethnic and political conflict.

Nelson Guda, PhD

Nelson Guda, PhD


Nelson Guda is an artist, filmmaker and photographer with backgrounds in both fine art and science. A PhD biologist and TEDx speaker, Nelson’s projects have taken him across the globe to remote wilderness areas and international conflict zones. He has done numerous projects in support of non-profits including US Institute of Peace, WWF, the Grevy’s Zebra Trust, the Wilderness Alliance, and the African Prisons Project. Nelson is also passionate about bodywork and drinks green tea every day. Visit Nelson’s artist site to see his work and watch his TED talks.

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